The Magic Of KIMMIE

Kimmie is a productivity app built to help make workout routines more fun and motivating to achieve the fitness level that you have always wanted. Workout plan are easily available in our app for you to choose from.

Workout routines are placed in a to do list format whereby all you have to do is just complete it one by one. To provide more motivation, the app brings gamification to your workout routine by introducing RPG elements.

With in-game rewards and punishments , missions , special unexpected tasks to do to keep you excited and on your toes.

How It Works

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Create / Select a Work Out Routine

Create / Select a Work Out Routine

Create tasks for your self or select from the vast pool of workout plans created by the community

Have Fun Doing Tasks

Have Fun Doing Tasks

Completing tasks with provide you with all kinds of goodies. Missing tasks will also give you punishment by damaging your character.

Get Rewards / Goodies

Get Rewards / Goodies

Reward your self with virtual of real life rewards. Level up your character and unlocking new items.

Gamify Your Workout

Introducing a new approach to conventional workout sessions. RPG style gamification of your work out sessions gives a new feeling / perspective on things. Rewards are given when you complete a workout routine or punishment if you fail to meet your goals. Using operant conditioning phychology method to help you achieve more and become a better person

Share And Grow Together

Building a great community and resource of work out routines. Kimmie has a open library of workout routines source from gym rats around the world. We encourage sharing of workout routines and helping each other out. Our easy to use functionalities enables you to add a work out plan to your to do list with a click of a button.

Rewarding Efforts

Enforcing a good effort  goes a long way, rewarding yourself after a great work out routine will keep you engaged and motivated. Each task completed will yield a increase in experience points of your character , unlock new missions and rewards.  You can also create your own rewards to increase productivity.

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